Film Review: LOGAN (*Spoiler Free Version)

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The “Wolverine” does not need to be wearing his superhero-leather/spandex-suit to be a "hero”, and in LOGAN he is a hero plenty, even if he denies it himself.

THIS is the berserker-Wolverine we should have had 17 years ago, fueled with animal rage and a bloodied tally without mercy and guilt-free consequence.

As “James Howlett”, the “human” overcomes the “mutant”, and let everyone around him fear his rage and sincerity. And “Charles Xavier” (which until even today, I wonder why everyone deems to call him “Ex-Xavier”?) wields the acting chops - unseen in all previous X-Men movies - and is an utter force of emotion and depth.

LOGAN is a “X-Men”-lore, but it is also a damn finely acted ensemble piece, at the very least between Hugh Jackson and Patrick Stewart.

Be Warned: This is NOT a “Happy Joy Joy”-film at all, and you might walk out of the cinema with nary a dry eye. I left heartbroken, myself...

Brutal. Emotional. Bloody Good. Bloody Awesome, in fact!

A very easy 4 x Boxes of Popcorn over 5 full boxes, and I am utterly glad I stuck to my guns to watch this today. You have absolutely no reason NOT to watch this film.


As the credits rolled til the very end, and the cinema hall lights came on, I overhead a couple behind me having a disagreement, with the lady friend walking away exclaiming; ”I told you no end credits, right???!!!” - So yes, to avoid any unpleasant viewing experience if you have not watched LOGAN as yet - NO, there is NO END CREDIT Scene, thank you.
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