About that X-Men: First Class Full-Action 15-Second Spot

Plenty of action in this 16-seconder, showing loads of imagery not seen in previous trailers or teasers for X-Men: First Class, especially the surprise for me of Azazel's red tail - likened to Nightcrawler's! Now this looks to be a movie I must try to watch!

[Emma, oh Emma … why you so cold?]


TV Spots for X-Men: First Class

I've always admired movie reviewers, for their ability to dissect a feature film and intellectualize on it's contents, motivation, et al - although I do not necessarily agree with a whole lot of analysis, it is after all, one man's opinions and tastes being expressed and where or not you agree with it, or not. And I've always had my own likes and wants, to see whatever movie that gets my fancy, and decide for myself how I feel about it, rather that what I read about it first.

[The blue Furball wondering if the teleporting "Azazel"
from the Hellfire Club, has anything to do with Nightcrawler]

But recently I have become more and more reliant on movie reviews, as my own "health condition" is not exactly on the "up-n-up", so a trip to the movies has become an utterly luxury, and yes, even a "chore" (let's not even going into "affordability", yeh?). With my own negative notion of X-Men: First Class, I had a change of interest when I first saw the silver-screen trailer when I viewed Sucker Punch (my last film seen in the cinema lol) not too long ago, and was actually blown away - even tho I've seen the exact version online before (films tend to be viewed "differently" on a computer-monitor, a home tv-screen and a silver-screen, don't they?) … but reading the reviews recently, I have a feeling I will not be disappointed with this film. Will I be?

I do so enjoy a good super-hero+super-villain with super-powers movie tho... :)


X-Men: First Class License Announcement by Hot Toys

Hong Kong's Hot Toys announces today their acquirement of the license for the live action Hollywood movie: "X-Men: First Class". While Emma Frost aka The White Queen is a shoo-in (above-right / but because I is a hot-blooded male) it would be interesting to see who actually makes the cut to be made into a toy or action figure. Would be even more cool is there were both X-Men uniforms and civilian wear involved in the same figure - otherwise they might as well be statues, IMHO. X-Men: First Class launches Junbe 2nd in Singapore - do check out their official website @ http://www.x-menfirstclassmovie.com (Shown below are concept art for "Angel Salvadore" via Marvel.com).

PRESS: We are pleased to announce the license of the upcoming superhero blockbuster X-Men: First Class! Unveiling the beginning of the X-Men saga, revealing the secret history of famous global events, it focuses on the relationship between Professor X and Magneto and the origin of their groups, the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. This epic, action and character-driven movie shall be a must-watch this summer! What’s more, the collectible of this movie will be coming too! Witness the moment that will change our world. Stay tuned! [Source]

Choose Your Character To Be Made 1/6th!


X-Men: First Class - Movie Clip, TV Spots 1 & 2

The first movie clip sees Professer Xavier and Mystique "performing a magic trick" in front of government types, while the other two TV spots sees kiddy X-Men in the form of Xavier, Erik and Raven (Cool that they brought Darkholme in as one of the forefathers of The X-Men tho).



Yet Another International Trailer for X-Men: First Class

Yet another variation of the trailer for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - featuring a sweet smidgen of new moving imagery for your viewing pleasures (the screengrabs should light the way). This is shaping up to be a real crowd-pleaser in the cinemas, and I am one of the sheep being shepherded into the darkened theatre-seats. Well-done!

Beverly Hills 90201 vs X-Men?
I have zero-problems with January Jones as Emma Frost … just saying'...
Mystique is hotter in her human guise … just saying'…


X-Men First Class International Trailer (from BleedingCool)

ERIK: "What Do You Know About Me?"
CHARLES: "Everything."
Sound "Stalker" much?


Video embedding is disabled, but you can check out the new BleedingCool.com-exclusive internation-trailer for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS here - which sees a whole slew of delish imagery including more looks at Banshee, Havok and a group-shot of the X-Men in spandex, all-lined-up and curdy. And what I cannot embed, I screengrab - for your collective viewing pleasures :)



X-Men: First Class Official Trailer Debuts

After my initial apprehension, this newly debut Official Trailer for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS makes it seem like a decent movie to watch, even tho folks seem to be speaking in the Queen's English, and the harnesses / straps on their uniform still seems irritatingly unnecessary, IMHO. Other than that, the trailer seems to be filled with characters and mutants galore - quite an (clandestine) active bunch mutants in the 60's innit?

Although I stubbornly still stand by what I have said earlier - truth be told, they've given me slight pause with this trailer (I'm a sucker for trailers, what can I say!). Check out or join in the public commentary on the Facebook movie page, as well CLICK THRU for select retrodelic screengrabs.


"The film, set during the 1960s, will focus on the relationship between Professor X and Magneto and the origin of their groups, the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. The film stars James McAvoy as Professor X and Michael Fassbender as Magneto. It also stars Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw, the antagonist of the movie. Other cast members include January Jones, Rose Byrne, Jennifer Lawrence and Lucas Till. The film is mostly being shot in England and parts of the United States. Fox envisions this film as the first in a new trilogy." [Wiki]
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