X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Viral Video - "Homo Sapiens Superior"

Viral marketing for X-MEN: APOCALYPSE has begun with this 4:10mins "Homo Sapiens Superior" featuring filmed "interviews" with scientists who mention he word "mutant" / "mutation" and I find my excitement level piques whenever said word is uttered … funnily, not a single footage of a recognizable X-Men or mutant is shown, well, except for "soccer boy" lol

And before even any footage from the movie is shot, two viral websites now exist: Tandem Initiative (of which the above video is "from") and M Underground- a pro-Mutant website:

TANDEM INITIATVE: "HELPING ADVANCE OUR WORLD AS A WHOLE. We’re inspired by not only what the “genetically gifted” can do, but how they do it, which is why the Tandem Initiative’s stated mission is to re-map the human genome in hopes of further understanding the genetic makeup of both Homo Sapiens as well as Homo Sapiens Superior."
M UNDERGROUND: "Our goal is simple: to expose those who wish to create a rift between humans and the genetically gifted. We will not let our world be torn apart with misinformation. The only “mutant threat” is that which threatens mutants. The truth will be heard. It will be heard here."
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