About That Toy Leak for The Design of Silver Samurai (in "The Wolverine")


Thanks to a listing for an action figure, we might have a design revealed for a character in the upcoming live-action "The Wolverine" movie, with this 3.75" Figure Series 01 from Hasbro introducing The Silver Samurai!

Listed for pre-order on BigBadToyStore (for US$6.99, with an estimated June 2013 arrival), the figure shows a creature's-face on the front armor chasis (vaguely seen on the poster image)! So okay, maybe he looks more "white" than silver here though … so far we've seen the character's back in trailers, so this might well be a possible "leak"? *I heart toys*

(Thanks to Jamie for the headsup!)


That 70s Xmen On Show #DaysofFuturePast

Beast Wolverine

Tweets from @BryanSinger with X-Men from "Days of Future Past" - all geared up on 70s fashion, 1973 specifically, it seems. And while I am hesitant to evoke a comparison to "That 70s Show" (hey, there is no Mila Kunis for comparison here, innit? :p), here's a look at "The Beast" (above-left), "Wolverine" (above-right), Professor X (with a head of wild hair / seen below) and "Kitty Pryde" (aka Shoadow Cat - who may or may not be in 70s fashion here tho …) along with a peek at a beard "Iceman".

And yes, it would be so much easier if I just refer to their character names from now on, because there's just too many names to be mentioned, fhanks :)

Prof X
Shadow Cat


"Storm" in #DaysOfFuturePast


Actress "Halle Berry" as the mutant weather manipulator "Storm" in X-Men Days of Future Past - no doubt dressed here "in the future" … I had wanted to quib something clever and witty to slam the hairstyle, but I got nothing … my mouth is still dropped down in the sewers, no doubt snatched away by Morlocks and maybe chucked away into the sludge of "WTF?" out the tunnel's opening …

I am "convinced" now that "Days of Future Past" is not about "time-travel", but about "alternate realities" - because only in an alternate reality could Storm still look youthful-ish (but with bad choices in hairdo), and not actually more "mature" in age (but with still bad choices in hairdo) ... okay, fine .. she's got the maturity-issue down here, I have to admit ... sorry Ms Belle! You're still the hawtsauce in my book!

Would be a nice touch to see if she "married" The Black Panther (hence a nice lead-in into the Marvel character IF he gets his own movie) at all in this reelity … would be a far sight better character development than just a 'do, am jus' sayin'…

Source: First Showing.


About That "Silver Samurai" Character Teaser Poster


In the style of the earlier Wolverine teaser image (seen below), the above SILVER SAMURAI image was teased over the weekend (probably to coincide with "Free Comic Book Day" on May 4th), with actor ‪Will Yun Lee's armored villain getting the spotlight, which frankly is a darn far sight better than this travesty, IMHO.‬

‪The filmmakers had tapped on to a cliched but refreshing depiction of their characters ala oriental brush-strokes = a clear and clever image of both the heroes and villains, and of the path into the East, as chosen in the film. Oh well.‬

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