"Storm" in #DaysOfFuturePast


Actress "Halle Berry" as the mutant weather manipulator "Storm" in X-Men Days of Future Past - no doubt dressed here "in the future" … I had wanted to quib something clever and witty to slam the hairstyle, but I got nothing … my mouth is still dropped down in the sewers, no doubt snatched away by Morlocks and maybe chucked away into the sludge of "WTF?" out the tunnel's opening …

I am "convinced" now that "Days of Future Past" is not about "time-travel", but about "alternate realities" - because only in an alternate reality could Storm still look youthful-ish (but with bad choices in hairdo), and not actually more "mature" in age (but with still bad choices in hairdo) ... okay, fine .. she's got the maturity-issue down here, I have to admit ... sorry Ms Belle! You're still the hawtsauce in my book!

Would be a nice touch to see if she "married" The Black Panther (hence a nice lead-in into the Marvel character IF he gets his own movie) at all in this reelity … would be a far sight better character development than just a 'do, am jus' sayin'…

Source: First Showing.
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