X3 teaser posters revealed

6 (teaser) posters of X-Men: The Last Stand has been released online (via superherohype) and i have mondo-mixed feelings about them ...

they look like some viral/fashion/beer-ads! Angel looks nekkid, afloat in a condom-ad, Jean/Phoenix busts a Madonna music video-move, Wolverine misses his beer he nearly sheds a manly-tear (or maybe he had way too much to drink?), Storm is in heat and does a beam-dance, a bummed-out Beast looks purdy-in-pink and Rogue does a Spice-Girl music video/photoshoot = WTF is going on with this people? (the A&P-folks, i mean ;p) not least the horrendous costumes, seriously. but PINK?

AICN has a Valentine's parody-version. and after that? the laughter ends ... if it'll "take a while for me to warm-up to these poster-images", tis gonna be a long while coming, lemme tell ya! *sigh*

new X3 pix @ AICN and Dark Horizons

some new X3-pix up @ AICN, with a dodgy Colossus (in a possible Danger-Room sequence) with an obvious uncompleted CG-effect on his eyes-bags/steel-halloween-mask (*shudder*) and a trail of walking Morlocks / Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants, including a buffed-Juggernaut, Callisto, Sunfire (?) and a chick with an Elvis-do = all worrying ...

and down @ Dark Horizons are Xmen-pix galore aplenty, including a Wolverine/Phoenix make-out scene ... not looking too good, are we?

aaaahhhh, it still bugs me silly that Peter/Colossus isn't Russian in the movies ;p
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