seventeen x-men spots online

was actually thinking of compiling a list of all relevant X-Men 3-related online videos, when i realized i would haveta be (1) free as a bird and not need to work for money, (2) whacked in da head, or (3) a devoted fanboy bored.

and thank gawd i needn't choose now coz nine 17 (!!!) clips are available for your mutant-viewing pleasure down @ the X-Men : The Last Stand official webbie! [via] ~ click on "view trailer" = *cool-mutant-mayhem*


xmen dell trailer

7 minutes of crisp-clear images and superior audio in the X-Men : Last Stand Trailer down @ Dell [via] ~ and taste the benefits fruits of "corporate sponsorship" (notice the brand of the "screen" - when the "mutant cure" is televised / announced), as sweet as it can be for us fans = *delish*


phoenix kisses wolverine

Famke Janssen / Phoenix's 6+ minutes interview on Jimmy Kimmel (who?), including footage of Xmen:Last Stand



iceman versus pyro

a new TV Spot [via] featuring a short battle sequence
between Iceman aand Pyro:

this is the sorta battle we'd liketa see, innit? what bugs me (the most) is not being able to see the mutants realize their full power-potential (at least for the 1st two movies - with the exception of Wolverine unleashing his fury with 2 sets of claws in the chest of a perp, in the kitchen of the X-Manor in X2) - let's see if the third one is the charm, eh? *heh* :p

25th or 26th?

seen@Plaza Sing:
launching on the 25th? or the 26th? ~ does it really matter? ... 23++days to go, y'all! ~ *whoo-hoo!*
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