Character Profiles from official movie website for "X-Men: Days off Future Past"

From the new official movie website at www.x-menmovies.com, the mutants from "X-Men: Days off Future Past" - both past and future - have their own profiles/bios on show, including a little write-up on who they are and what their powers are!

New Movie Stills from official movie website for "X-Men: Days off Future Past"

New official movie website for "X-Men: Days off Future Past" launched at www.x-menmovies.com - featuring video trailers and character profiles (I'll grab images from that soon muahahahaha), and a landing page where both the "past" team and the "future" team exists in a single image (toggle left-right the bar at "Explore The X-Men" text). Here are stills found on the site, some seen before, others slightly new :)


Character Reveals for X-Men: Days of Future Past from @xmenmovies: Prof X & Magneto

@xmenmovieshas been tweeting character profile images for X-Men: Days of Future Past, thus far showcasing both "younger" and "older" versions of "Professor X" and "Magneto", featuring James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart, ‪MichaelFassbender‬ and Ian McKellen respectively!

"#JamesMcAvoy returns as #CharlesXavier,
the man he was before becoming #ProfessorX."

"@SirPatStew is #ProfessorX, founder
of the #XMen and gifted telepath."

"‪#MichaelFassbender‬ is ‪#Magneto‬,
a mutant with unparalleled powers."

"Sir @IanMcKellen is the powerful
#Magneto in #XMen: Days of Future Past."

All of whom reminds of this particular fan-made montage of images (via) from "X-Men: First Class" and "X-Men: Last Stand" and the continuity snafus that await resolution … or not? LOL

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