seventeen x-men spots online

was actually thinking of compiling a list of all relevant X-Men 3-related online videos, when i realized i would haveta be (1) free as a bird and not need to work for money, (2) whacked in da head, or (3) a devoted fanboy bored.

and thank gawd i needn't choose now coz nine 17 (!!!) clips are available for your mutant-viewing pleasure down @ the X-Men : The Last Stand official webbie! [via] ~ click on "view trailer" = *cool-mutant-mayhem*


xmen dell trailer

7 minutes of crisp-clear images and superior audio in the X-Men : Last Stand Trailer down @ Dell [via] ~ and taste the benefits fruits of "corporate sponsorship" (notice the brand of the "screen" - when the "mutant cure" is televised / announced), as sweet as it can be for us fans = *delish*


phoenix kisses wolverine

Famke Janssen / Phoenix's 6+ minutes interview on Jimmy Kimmel (who?), including footage of Xmen:Last Stand



iceman versus pyro

a new TV Spot [via] featuring a short battle sequence
between Iceman aand Pyro:

this is the sorta battle we'd liketa see, innit? what bugs me (the most) is not being able to see the mutants realize their full power-potential (at least for the 1st two movies - with the exception of Wolverine unleashing his fury with 2 sets of claws in the chest of a perp, in the kitchen of the X-Manor in X2) - let's see if the third one is the charm, eh? *heh* :p

25th or 26th?

seen@Plaza Sing:
launching on the 25th? or the 26th? ~ does it really matter? ... 23++days to go, y'all! ~ *whoo-hoo!*



xmen international posters

and this shall be my own personal a depository for all "international" X-Men 3 movie posters! (pls do lemme know if im missin' any, thanks!)

Polish One-Sheet [via]
2nd International Poster [via]
French Poster [via]
UK Billboard [via]

xmen3 official website is live

The X-Men : The Last Stand official website is now full and LIVE and filled with new images and interactivity-goodness! [via] ~ nice graphics, IMHO ... and with the movie launch-date just around the corner somemore! *whoohoo*


xmen trailers @ IGN

for all your X-Men 3 Trailer-needs > pop by IGN [via] = who has collected them in a single online locale :)

altho the image of Storm in the midst of chewing sumthing bothered me a tad ... *heh*



< by far the best image of Wolverine i've seen so far ~ a perfect blend of design-symmetry and inner turmoil of a berserker in remission, IMHO, of coz :)
[image via thexverse.com]

read what wolverine gets up to in X3 down @ IGN [via CBR]


mystique and multiple man

fresh from SuperHeroHype:

it isn't the image of Multiple Man that excited struck me, but rather of Rebecca Romijn as Mystique (far left) who's standing actually near-butt-nekkid underneath alla that blue-scales, innit? *gulp*


new xmen pics @ cinempire

alert from SuperHeroHype about the existence of new xmen-pics @ CinEmpire.com and boy, are there loads!



new X-Men : The Last Stand trailer!

a new trailer for X-Men : The Last Stand is available now for viewing in HERE [via SuperHeroHype]

Magneto: "there's only one question you must answer : who will you stand with?"

Storm: "it's time we make our choice ... if you're with us, then be with us."

and at the end of the trailer = im farking shivering within and tears well up in my eyes within an inch of flooding. *dammit ~ i can't wait*

and here's screenshots aplenty of the trailer (becoz i is a fanboy wif time+passion - yep)


added 09.03.06:
> just pop-by XVerse.com for a (near) complete screengrabs plus blow-by-blow accounts of the trailer ~ *no joke* :p


X3 teaser posters revealed

6 (teaser) posters of X-Men: The Last Stand has been released online (via superherohype) and i have mondo-mixed feelings about them ...

they look like some viral/fashion/beer-ads! Angel looks nekkid, afloat in a condom-ad, Jean/Phoenix busts a Madonna music video-move, Wolverine misses his beer he nearly sheds a manly-tear (or maybe he had way too much to drink?), Storm is in heat and does a beam-dance, a bummed-out Beast looks purdy-in-pink and Rogue does a Spice-Girl music video/photoshoot = WTF is going on with this people? (the A&P-folks, i mean ;p) not least the horrendous costumes, seriously. but PINK?

AICN has a Valentine's parody-version. and after that? the laughter ends ... if it'll "take a while for me to warm-up to these poster-images", tis gonna be a long while coming, lemme tell ya! *sigh*

new X3 pix @ AICN and Dark Horizons

some new X3-pix up @ AICN, with a dodgy Colossus (in a possible Danger-Room sequence) with an obvious uncompleted CG-effect on his eyes-bags/steel-halloween-mask (*shudder*) and a trail of walking Morlocks / Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants, including a buffed-Juggernaut, Callisto, Sunfire (?) and a chick with an Elvis-do = all worrying ...

and down @ Dark Horizons are Xmen-pix galore aplenty, including a Wolverine/Phoenix make-out scene ... not looking too good, are we?

aaaahhhh, it still bugs me silly that Peter/Colossus isn't Russian in the movies ;p


phoenix pissed-off

found on AICN, "possible" images of a truly pissed-off-looking Phoenix/Jean Grey ... aren't we in trouble? ... that and Juggernaut is into leather? quite a "disturbing" costume, IMHO ... *heh* :p


new xmen3 pics @ superherohype

> images include Storm / Callisto, Psylocke and Stacy X / Brett Ratner & The X-cast / and Angel; still looking queer as evar ... *ahem* ... altho i haveta say im supremely disappointed at the way Psylocke (on right, next to Callisto) turned out - looking like an older jubilee she'd gone and wandered off unto the set of Xena, Mutant Warrior Princess, innit? (blame the costume designer, i reckon) ... oh well :p


x-men marquettes

Sideshowtoys is releasing two marquettes of the characters from the upcoming X-Men 3 movie, featuring The Beast and Juggernaut. [via AICN]

which isn't that big a news/"toy"-draw for me (juz coz i don't collect marquettes) but still it shows how the costumes look like! :p

am a tad disappointed with the Juggernaut-costume - the "Ram-Man lookalike" comment on AICN was hilarious and oh-so-painfully true! altho the movie-image looks darn-off- as compared to the marquette, dunnit? (*shudder*) and in the end, tis like a metal-neck-brace upped and wrapped itself around Cain Marko ... but mayhap reality and costume-practicality rings truer, as opposed to comicbook-designs, really ... and as for the Beast? dude's nekkid (and "package"-less), innit? *gasp*
*snicker* - goodgawd! give that mutant some pants, innit?
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