x-men marquettes

Sideshowtoys is releasing two marquettes of the characters from the upcoming X-Men 3 movie, featuring The Beast and Juggernaut. [via AICN]

which isn't that big a news/"toy"-draw for me (juz coz i don't collect marquettes) but still it shows how the costumes look like! :p

am a tad disappointed with the Juggernaut-costume - the "Ram-Man lookalike" comment on AICN was hilarious and oh-so-painfully true! altho the movie-image looks darn-off- as compared to the marquette, dunnit? (*shudder*) and in the end, tis like a metal-neck-brace upped and wrapped itself around Cain Marko ... but mayhap reality and costume-practicality rings truer, as opposed to comicbook-designs, really ... and as for the Beast? dude's nekkid (and "package"-less), innit? *gasp*
*snicker* - goodgawd! give that mutant some pants, innit?
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