xmen international posters

and this shall be my own personal a depository for all "international" X-Men 3 movie posters! (pls do lemme know if im missin' any, thanks!)

Polish One-Sheet [via]
2nd International Poster [via]
French Poster [via]
UK Billboard [via]

xmen3 official website is live

The X-Men : The Last Stand official website is now full and LIVE and filled with new images and interactivity-goodness! [via] ~ nice graphics, IMHO ... and with the movie launch-date just around the corner somemore! *whoohoo*


xmen trailers @ IGN

for all your X-Men 3 Trailer-needs > pop by IGN [via] = who has collected them in a single online locale :)

altho the image of Storm in the midst of chewing sumthing bothered me a tad ... *heh*



< by far the best image of Wolverine i've seen so far ~ a perfect blend of design-symmetry and inner turmoil of a berserker in remission, IMHO, of coz :)
[image via thexverse.com]

read what wolverine gets up to in X3 down @ IGN [via CBR]


mystique and multiple man

fresh from SuperHeroHype:

it isn't the image of Multiple Man that excited struck me, but rather of Rebecca Romijn as Mystique (far left) who's standing actually near-butt-nekkid underneath alla that blue-scales, innit? *gulp*
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