psylocke revealed

Meiling Melancon is Psylocke in X-Men 3 and she's gonna be fighting alongside Magneto. *cool* [via Superhero Hype]

this is my version of how she might look ... best bet that she'll be in bondage gear tight-leathers ...

*heh* :)

2 more X-Men images found

originally posted: 8.12.2005

i can always trust Superhero Hype to comeup wif da good shitte and they have, with 2 found hidden X-Men images amidst the website = Colossus and Mystique! and all i could do was click around the site before like a frenzied maniac hoping for a secret to be revealed *BAH* ... *fanboys rawk!*

i've always been pretty much a fan of Colossus, since my first X-Men-comic way back when ... and when he died? aaww-man, i thot the writers and Marvel were pure bonkers! (altho his character arc was going way off when he joinedup with Magneto and his Acolytes, IMHO) ... but of coz he came back to life (under Joss Whedon's deft touch, no less) and that put a smile and spring back into my aged-steps; it did :)

dodgy-eyes notwithstanding (am sure tis a lighting-problem :p), am enjoying the high-chrome of the dude ... altho it reminds a tad too much of the T1000, innit? *heh*

here's a sketch i did back in '92, of one of me fav X-Men :) (hey gimme a break, tis been more than a decade lah! ;p) >>

as for Mystique? i've hated her movie-design from the get-go ... what's with the scales? reptilian/chameleon-theory? *YUCKERINO, dude!* ~ she's a "healthy girl", let's see some skin on her (blue or otherwise), innit? *nyuknyuk* :p

X3 teaser launched and deduced

originally posted: 6.12.2005

the NEW X-Men 3 Announcement Teaser Trailer is out. don't wait. = go check out both the regular and high-definition versions :: here ::

based on the trailer: the color palette seems more intense now = cool. with a heightened (TVC) sense of "realism/hyper-realism" - which i insist a movie of this calibre and magnitutde requires and needs, IMHO ... and from what i see so far? it seems to be going that way ... no more "hesitation", no more "partial usage of powers", let's see an all-out-battle between the forces of good and evil and we shall see who's the Last Mutant Standing ...

*please do not read below if you don't want to spoil the teaser viewing*


we see Colossus (*whoo-hoo!*) / Wolverine / Rogue / Storm / Iceman and Kitty walking down the corridors - when are they gonna feature Colossus more? dude's steel-skin effect "hard to conjure in post, izzit?" *dammit* ~ bad enough he isn't a "Russian" (ala comicbooks) but to deny him "face-time"? :p

Wolverine standing amidst explosive chaos, chopping on his cigar ... and in a later scene, Storm jumps in to save him = i deduce they are in a Danger Room Simulation Session! are they? are they? that would be effin' cool that would be (IF that were lah *sigh*) ...
seems they were in a danger room session :p

the elemental fury that is Storm's power, waiting to be unleashed - something which bugged me in the 2 previous films, where the mutants had to "raise their hands" to simulate the "operation of their powers", somehow seem a bit trite, IMHO.

it's effin' Juggarnaut! / Japanese-looking-dude = Sunfire? / Magneto / ?Gambit? / Callisto / ??? / Pyro / JEAN GREY!

yes, i reckon Jean / Dark Phoenix-ish-clothes, has joined up with The Brotherhood = *kewl* ... altho she doesn't seem that "focused", is she? like neither fully "evil" or just plain "drugged-out-looking", ya know?

Magneto breaking out the Juggarnaut? dude looks like his wearing a leather-bra, innit? or is that Omega Red? im so confused! *heh* :p

yes, Jean Grey is awake and back!

or has the Dark Phoenix arisen? judging from the effortless execution of her powers in destroying the steel doors (as opposed to her effort in lifting the Blackbird in X2), seems her powers has increased enormously = DARK PHOENIX! *whoo-hoo!*

Moiria ? / Beast / Colossus / Kitty Pryde / Iceman / Rogue @ a funeral = presumably for Jean (maybe at the start of the movie?) ~ which shows a great looking Beast btw (as opposed to the mockery i made him out to be in the first place :p)

what a stately looking Beast here = *kudos* - seems about right, this time around ... but we shall see, eh? :p

aaahhhhh - ye good ol' days of comicdom = Wolverine, Beast and Storm in the cockpit of the blackbird ... great 'do btw, Storm! - and yes, i figured it is the Ultimate Storm-'do :)

The Brotherhood Of Mutants walk the earth! *shuddered-shiver-down-me-spine* = can imagine this'll be quite a scene in the darkened-cinema! :)

the bridge collapses ... but is it all Magneto's powers? ... or does Dark Phoenix help? ....

*well, im effin' excited, aren't you?* :)

found more screen-captures here@CBR alamak! could've just grabbed from here rather than do my own *cool* :p


more X3 images

originally posted: 6.12.2005

new images featured in the X3 site, in addition to the ones i've featured prior, for which i'd chat "briefly" about here:

: The Juggernaut / Jean Grey / Magneto :

the chest details' looking mighty fine; where Juggernaut's uniform is concerned = nice and chunky :) ... altho the helmet and criss-cross-leather-binding-ish look smacks me S&M-sideways, i'll quibble not, for now ...

Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix = personified by her darkened-maroon clothes? dangerously "looking-close" to Jinx's outfit her hair is reddened to mirror the "transformation" as well, i reckon ... otherwise tis a tad too red, IMHO :)

Magneto now dons a grey-looking cloak = reminiscent of the uniforms of the Nazi-regime that persecuted him when he was a youngster? and hence betraying his actions now?

: Callisto / Pyro / Angel :

Callisto's looking mighty fine from here (as do most facial-tattooed-characters on-screen :p) tho i hope her role won't be purely decorational ...

i didn't really hate Pyro when he first appeared in X2 ... actually he had one of the more "original" story/plot/characters so far and his decision to join Magneto wasn't just a "plot-device", you'd actually believed that he'd "cross-over", IMHO.

Angel just looks like he's posing for a gay magazine online sex-site ... a tad too "flaming" is all im saying ... and hoping the dude gets to wear some form of clothes in the movie ... *heh*

: Kitty Pryde / Iceman / Rogue :

Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat looks so shy, she could phase into the ground below where she walks ... so we shall see whether that endears her to us, or buggers us to death. :P

i hope Iceman "grows up" a bit more this time around and actually uses his powers more effectively, rather than just be the lovelorn "protector" of Rogue ...

i'd just come right out and say it = i do not like Rogue. she has not endeared herself to me at all whatsoever. all she does is whine and run away. maybe it's time for her to step up to the plate and pull her weight as an X-Men ... if not, just go on back to her classes lah ...

: Cyclops / Beast / Professor Xavier :

Cyclops' looking a tad morose and pathetic (which is fair, coz his girl went and got dead, innit?), to perhaps unable to function effectively as the team leader? that's why Wolverine had to step-up? = *kewl* ~ let the boy grovel and meander around a bit ... he wasn't much of an effective leader in the first place, IMHO ... :p

The Beast is looking "pretty okay" at this point in time - what a difference a coupla "action poses" a character makes ... :p

i've always wandered why peeps call Professor X as "AXE-XAVier" = bug me to shitte it does! ... here's the kindly Patrick Stewart (wouldn't have imagined anyone else but HIM to play the Prof) posing for yet another fashion-spread for GQ ... *heh*

my only grouse: where's the heck Colossus? sure as heck as im actually scared to see a Gambit (done wrong) ... or maybe he's already there? but in the Brotherhood instead of the X-Men? *hhhhmmmmmmm*

oh, and i thought the page-loading-bar-up Wolverine's claws was pretty cute a nice-touch on the website :)

(some) x-men3 images revealed

originally posted 5.12.2005

images of X-Men 3 characters revealed *here*, as reported by Superhero Hype!

personally, Angel's wings look like a halloween-appendage (or maybe the image of Gabriel's wings still lingers deliciously in my mind?)

and maybe tis too early to say about Storm's hair-do ... tis as if she's seen a demon-spirit and the trauma had caused her hair to turn ash ... (too much Constantine / chinese ghost movies "references" mayhap :p) ... sure as i dun think a mohawk's gonna do her right, but maybe something along the lines of Ultimate Storm? IMHO, of coz ... or maybe it is? :p

but the Beast, ah yes ... i've gotten past the fact of Kelsey Grammer in this role, but the images disappointed me somewhat fierce ...

i really dun dig the wisp and the dude looks like a half-way pirate ... maybe a moustache and soul-patch? ala Blue Beard?

or maybe i was hoping for a true-blue-hairy-Beast that we (comics-fans) all know and lurve (fangs inclusive)? ... but then again, he might look a tad too old, innit? hardly easy to market as a toy dun you think? :p but who the heck am i to say, innit? :p

but i think the ear-ring is cool lah *ahahahahahaha* *heh*

i really don't know, i really don't ... maybe we should wait for more pictures? and sure as heck i wanna see how Juggernaut/Vinnie Jones turns out, innit? *heh*

behind the scenes images

links to sites with the abovementioned ... and these are what i have so far :p

> The Mutant Cure Riot Scene, - via Hollywood North Report

> More Pix of Cast in Costume - via Hollywood North Report

> @ Downtown Vancouver - via CharlieBrown's flickr

> @ St. Andrew's-Wesley Church in Vancouver, BC - via Superhero Hype

> Images of Official Characters - via Superhero Hype
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