2 more X-Men images found

originally posted: 8.12.2005

i can always trust Superhero Hype to comeup wif da good shitte and they have, with 2 found hidden X-Men images amidst the website = Colossus and Mystique! and all i could do was click around the site before like a frenzied maniac hoping for a secret to be revealed *BAH* ... *fanboys rawk!*

i've always been pretty much a fan of Colossus, since my first X-Men-comic way back when ... and when he died? aaww-man, i thot the writers and Marvel were pure bonkers! (altho his character arc was going way off when he joinedup with Magneto and his Acolytes, IMHO) ... but of coz he came back to life (under Joss Whedon's deft touch, no less) and that put a smile and spring back into my aged-steps; it did :)

dodgy-eyes notwithstanding (am sure tis a lighting-problem :p), am enjoying the high-chrome of the dude ... altho it reminds a tad too much of the T1000, innit? *heh*

here's a sketch i did back in '92, of one of me fav X-Men :) (hey gimme a break, tis been more than a decade lah! ;p) >>

as for Mystique? i've hated her movie-design from the get-go ... what's with the scales? reptilian/chameleon-theory? *YUCKERINO, dude!* ~ she's a "healthy girl", let's see some skin on her (blue or otherwise), innit? *nyuknyuk* :p
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