(some) x-men3 images revealed

originally posted 5.12.2005

images of X-Men 3 characters revealed *here*, as reported by Superhero Hype!

personally, Angel's wings look like a halloween-appendage (or maybe the image of Gabriel's wings still lingers deliciously in my mind?)

and maybe tis too early to say about Storm's hair-do ... tis as if she's seen a demon-spirit and the trauma had caused her hair to turn ash ... (too much Constantine / chinese ghost movies "references" mayhap :p) ... sure as i dun think a mohawk's gonna do her right, but maybe something along the lines of Ultimate Storm? IMHO, of coz ... or maybe it is? :p

but the Beast, ah yes ... i've gotten past the fact of Kelsey Grammer in this role, but the images disappointed me somewhat fierce ...

i really dun dig the wisp and the dude looks like a half-way pirate ... maybe a moustache and soul-patch? ala Blue Beard?

or maybe i was hoping for a true-blue-hairy-Beast that we (comics-fans) all know and lurve (fangs inclusive)? ... but then again, he might look a tad too old, innit? hardly easy to market as a toy dun you think? :p but who the heck am i to say, innit? :p

but i think the ear-ring is cool lah *ahahahahahaha* *heh*

i really don't know, i really don't ... maybe we should wait for more pictures? and sure as heck i wanna see how Juggernaut/Vinnie Jones turns out, innit? *heh*
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