new xmen pics @ cinempire

alert from SuperHeroHype about the existence of new xmen-pics @ CinEmpire.com and boy, are there loads!



new X-Men : The Last Stand trailer!

a new trailer for X-Men : The Last Stand is available now for viewing in HERE [via SuperHeroHype]

Magneto: "there's only one question you must answer : who will you stand with?"

Storm: "it's time we make our choice ... if you're with us, then be with us."

and at the end of the trailer = im farking shivering within and tears well up in my eyes within an inch of flooding. *dammit ~ i can't wait*

and here's screenshots aplenty of the trailer (becoz i is a fanboy wif time+passion - yep)


added 09.03.06:
> just pop-by XVerse.com for a (near) complete screengrabs plus blow-by-blow accounts of the trailer ~ *no joke* :p
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