Tweeting Film Directors

"Life" is so different now … regardless of the past, both the advent of Twitter and Facebook has set a new course of direction in which a movie is presented to the masses / marketed online, as well how it affects the "real world".

Locally, I have witnessed local television news reports quoting Facebook status updates or tweets as legitimate news sources (and "journalism" has since become a "disposable commodity"). Hype wise, movie directors have been tweeting from their production meetings and film sets, which would have been literally unheard of days past. Now, how the heck did that happen again? LOL

Regardless, hype-sites like mine and most every other lap them up for information, so I'm not grousing about anything here! ;p

Above: "A panorama of camera "A" at Yashida Compound.
Matt Toll (1st AC) and Marc Spicer ("A" Operator extraordinaire)."

Below: "A long dolly shot at the Yashida compound
on the @WolverineMovie."


Two specific Twitter-accounts you should be looking at (specifically for this blog) are from THE WOLVERINE director James Mangold at @mang0ld (posted here are his snaps), and X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST director Bryan Singer @BryanSinger. They have been providing as much hype as company-run media outlets, since whatever is tweeted gets diluted to FB-postings and such, without a credit given.
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