The Silver Samurai for 'The Wolverine' Revealed (Sorta...) + Vine Teaser Video


The Silver Samurai (or rather a fleeting glimpse of his back) is revealed in this Vine-video from @mang0ld, promoting 'The Wolverine' - with a trailer set to debut March 27th on MTV and Apple trailers.

WHO-IS: "Keniuchio Harada is the mutant son of the former Japanese crimelord Shingen Harada. As a youth, Harada mastered the attendant disciplines of the medieval samurai and sought employment as a warrior for hire. He first worked for the criminal Mandrill and clashed with the blind hero Daredevil. Harada then served the Viper, an agent of the terrorist organization Hydra, as her bodyguard. In that capacity, Harada battled opponents such as the costumed crimefighter Spider-Man, the martial arts master Shang-Chi, and the team of mutant trainee heroes the New Mutants." [Read more via Marvel.com]
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