TV Spots for X-Men: First Class

I've always admired movie reviewers, for their ability to dissect a feature film and intellectualize on it's contents, motivation, et al - although I do not necessarily agree with a whole lot of analysis, it is after all, one man's opinions and tastes being expressed and where or not you agree with it, or not. And I've always had my own likes and wants, to see whatever movie that gets my fancy, and decide for myself how I feel about it, rather that what I read about it first.

[The blue Furball wondering if the teleporting "Azazel"
from the Hellfire Club, has anything to do with Nightcrawler]

But recently I have become more and more reliant on movie reviews, as my own "health condition" is not exactly on the "up-n-up", so a trip to the movies has become an utterly luxury, and yes, even a "chore" (let's not even going into "affordability", yeh?). With my own negative notion of X-Men: First Class, I had a change of interest when I first saw the silver-screen trailer when I viewed Sucker Punch (my last film seen in the cinema lol) not too long ago, and was actually blown away - even tho I've seen the exact version online before (films tend to be viewed "differently" on a computer-monitor, a home tv-screen and a silver-screen, don't they?) … but reading the reviews recently, I have a feeling I will not be disappointed with this film. Will I be?

I do so enjoy a good super-hero+super-villain with super-powers movie tho... :)
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