My Impressions for X-Men: Days Of Future Past

I did not manage to view X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST on the silver screen in a darkened cinema, but instead viewed it streamed online and in a murky darkened state of bootleggery ("boo" me), so I can hardly comment on the visuals, and frankly have not reviewed it at all - either here on on my main movie-blog Popcorn-X … simply because it would not be wholly fair to review based on the crappy visual experience! BUT … push comes to shove, and with the lack of placating one of my senses, it also forced me to concentrate on just the story and dialogue, then I have to say XMEN: DOFP is quite rubbish the disappointment.

Gone were the charm of X1 and even X2. And while the retro-ness of "X-Men: First Class" powers thru this film, it became gimmicky real quick, even thru the murkiness of the bootleg visuals, I am sad to say. If folks gave X3 sh*t for the sheer abundance of characters in play, then DOFP was yet another orgy of mutants waiting to die off when their five minutes of exposure was up.

I know the future was in dire straight and all, but to spend an amount of time and effort being awed by mutants in action, then subsequently seeing them snuffled out by Sentinels, turned me off more than I had imagined LOL

If the entire film hinged on THAT Quicksilver scene in the prison (which was cool and all that…), then we have been lying to ourselves on the turd before us, IMHO.

Maybe with a clearer viewing of the movie on DVD might change my impressions for this film, but truthfully, I doubt I would even bother to purchase said DVD in the first place.

And that's all I have to say about the film.

Would "X-Men: Apocalypse" be any different?

Maybe if the mutant count was reduced, and more focus will be put on the characters rather than their fancy powers, then maybe folks (myself included) would give a damn again, and not keep on watching these X-Films for the sake of nostalgia for the comicbooks I had loved before.
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