Official "Wolverine" Promo Clip #1 for X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

The spotlight is on WOLVERINE in his new "clip" - hopefully of a series of character profiles to come tho … although I have to admit, when Hugh Jackman was first cast as the mutant in the first film, I had serious reservations, of the short-stock berserker, now amuck taker than everyone else, and frankly more menacing looking than Sabretooth himself!

Years later right now, I am frankly still uneasy about the fit, but have come to accept whatever my thoughts are, the cinematic die has been cast … and if you realize, one of the characters MARVEL have not tried to reintroduce the cinematic version of into the comicbook universe .. but then again, the XMen-movies are not under the MARVEL banner, innit? Really makes me wonder tho, how MARVEL would've done Wolverine differently in cinema…?
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