about that wolverine movie

what you should know about the upcoming solo-Xmen Wolverine-movie [via Wizard]:

01. it is written by David Benioff (Troy, The Kite Runner) and will be directed by Oscar-winner, Gavin Hood (2005 film "Tsotsi" won the Oscar for Best Foreign-Language Film)

02. based on info from insiders who say they’ve read Benioff’s script, get ready for all kinds of prequel action as Wolverine’s first ties to Weapon X, his first run-in with Victor Creed (aka Sabretooth), his bonding with adamantium and his feral origins are explored.

03. Sources also mentioned scenes featuring Wolverine in Vietnam, a pre-X-Men love interest for the furry mutant and character names familiar to comic fans such as the teleporter John Wraith, who served with Wolverine on special ops missions as part of Team X, along with Fred J. Dukes (aka the Blob).

04. no other students or faculty from the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters are set to appear. “It’s a prequel, so there won’t be many. There will be other new characters.” - says Hugh Jackman.

05. Logan will not be having any Japan-flashbacks (in this installment) - so no Mariko nor Silver Samurai? :p

06. Brian Cox, though, confirmed his character, William Stryker from “X2: X-Men United,” will return to unload untold amounts of crap on Wolvie’s life ... according to Brian Cox, the movie is “set 17 years ago.”

07. Tyler Mane, who appeared as Sabretooth in “X-Men,” reportedly claimed to be in talks for the film. Specifically, Mane says he’s discussed starring as Victor Creed, the man who one day becomes Sabretooth.

08. “What we need to do is establish who he is and find out how he became Wolverine. And by the end of the movie, I want it to be that you definitely knew who this guy was, like Mad Max and Dirty Harry. He’s a good guy, but he’s not a nice guy. He’s just the guy you want on your side.”

frankly, i've had my issues with the celluloid-Wolverine - ever since X1, in what i reckon is yet another Hollywood-rape of a comicbook-character! the comicbook Wolverine (i grew-up with and lurve) is 5 ft 3"-tall [via] little bundle of bound feral animal in human-form, while Hugh Jackman towers above the other X-Men at 6 ft+ tall?

... well, three movies in, i can hardly complain anymore, can't i? *heh*
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