"Every mutant needs a place to sit" for "X-Men Days of Future Past"


And while this might not be the full line-up for mutants for the Bryan Singer-directed X-Men: Days of Future Past, it already is a decent line-up to behold, IMHO. Snaps via Singer's Vine-video (spotted on Superhero Hype) … I wonder how many of them actually have "speaking" parts … heh.

We know at least The Beast is missing his chair, Mystique and Rogue might be on the casting wall from before … no Cyclops nor Jean Grey in sight… and bear in mind, there are TWO "Xaviers" and TWO "Magnetos" LOL

Jennifer Lawrence as "Raven / Mystique"
Nicholas Hoult as "Hank McCoy / Beast"
Hugh Jackman as "Logan / Wolverine"
Michael Fassbender as "Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto"
James McAvoy as "Charles Xavier"
Ellen Page as "Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat"
Halle Berry as "Ororo Munroe / Storm"
Shawn Ashmore as "Bobby Drake / Iceman"
Ian McKellen as "Erik Lehnsherr / (Older) Magneto"
Anna Paquin as "Marie / Rogue"
Patrick Stewart as "(Older) Professor Charles Xavier"
Fan Bing Bing as "Blink"
Omar Sy as "Bishop" (Speculatory)
Booboo Stewart as "Warpath" (Speculatory)

(Cast list via IMDb)
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